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In May of 2010, Al, Karen, Gregg, and Alyssa Coreno revamped what used to be “Wash-N-Play” into the new neighborhood laundry and casual dining hotspot, “Suds-N-Subs”. Upon purchasing new top-of-the-line washers and dryers, a new paint job, months of construction, and much elbow grease, to our delight, “Suds-N-Subs” was born. The idea was simple: change the negative stereotype of a laundry mat and create a clean, relaxed, and immensely affordable casual dining experience.

Much like the unstable economy and Lebron James, Suds-N-Subs too, will leave you speechless but in a breath-of-fresh-air kind of way. Highly affordable and enough for two meals, Suds-N-Subs will leave you craving for more.

If you are indecisive, try one of the many “Signature Sandwiches” such as our Pizza Sub, made with homemade pizza sauce or “The Lorain Station”, made with a heaping amount of Roast Beef and Swiss Cheese. For the more particular ones, try the Five Dollar Sub Meal. Yes, you read correctly. FIVE DOLLARS! One footlong sub with your choice of three meats piled high, choice of cheese, unlimited toppings and dressings, on a freshly baked roll, served with choice of chip and Medium drink.

Suds-N-Subs has something for everyone!